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Graffiti Removal

The City of Beverly Hills' graffiti abatement program is designed to more effectively prevent and clean-up graffiti.

As part of the program, property owners can register with the City to have Public Works crews automatically remove any graffiti that is visible from the street. The permission form allows City staff to go on the private property to remove visible graffiti without further permissions. Download the form here, complete the form and mail or email it to the address on the form.

"Graffiti" refers to any writing, printing, symbol, figure, design or other material written, sprayed, painted, or otherwise applied to any exterior surface of a building, wall, fence, sidewalk, curb or other permanent structure without the authority or consent of the owner of such property or of a person authorized by the owner of such property to give consent.

To request services for removal or to report graffiti on public property, please call Public Works Customer Service at (310) 285-2467 or AskBev and please be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Name and phone number
  • Specific address or location
  • Description of graffiti


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